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Auntie Get Your Gun

Steve and Dag break out some stories from their vacations. Steve, Jackson and Henry had a very frank, yet vague discussion about Santa Claus. Dag’s family hunkered down for smoked meats and card games, with the cancellation of the run of Poi Dog shows.

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With Brendan still with his family in Boston, Steve and Dag convene to have a look at some holiday themed Floridiots who argue about a Christmas tree. There’s also a Super Floridiot who must have watched too much Tiger King, and now has a chewed-up arm as a result. Steve walks a fine line while talking to Jackson and Henry about Santa Claus, and Dag found himself with a lot of free time after a week’s worth of gigs got canceled. It’s also a Talk To Me Tuesday on the DahlCast, and our subscribers are welcoming Goose Island Brewery aboard.

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