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Blueberries and Fluff

Janet and her granddaughters buried shoes in the sand. Dag’s Blueberry Festival report leads us to learn about Oahu’s Pineapple Fest and the Marshmallow Fluff Festival based in Somerville, Massachusetts. Reese’s Dipped Animal Crackers are a tasty treat.

About This Episode

Steve’s got a surefire idea for a TV show, in which he asks people (if we’re being honest here, he only asks women) about their tattoos. Brendan takes us on a retro monster themed tour of the cereal aisle, and he promises to do some taste testing at home. In advance of Emmett’s pool party, Steve chose to swab the backyard deck instead of a round of golf. We get a comprehensive look at some of summer’s most important fests. Are you well stocked with Fluff? It’s the final show before vacation week: Steve and Janet are heading to New Buffalo, Dag is driving to points unknown throughout the midwest, and Brendan is sticking close to home with a Chi-cation. Have a great week, everyone! We’ll talk to you in a week. 

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