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Chickens Don’t Have Fingers

Ron Lewis is heading up by Dag for the Woodstock Folk Festival. Brendan recognized a Cub on the street. Steve wasn’t impressed with Raising Cane’s, but the backstory begins to win him over. The staff at Bernie’s earns kudos from a neighborhood resident.

About This Episode

A major component of Brendan’s Wrigleyville fantasy materializes as he and Hank happen upon an actual Chicago Cub while walking to PetSmart. A chicken finger franchise has taken over Billy Dec’s former location, and they’re doing gangbuster business, even with their limited menu. Steve can’t figure out what the appeal is. Brendan’s finding some helpfully named Mexican restaurants in his new neighborhood. We place an impromptu phone call to folk rock impresario Ron Lewis, as he readies himself for the Woodstock Folk Festival, and dinner with Dag (who was not invited to perform) afterwards.

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