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Cocaine and Jasmine

The Dearborn is a place for cheersing fellow bar goers with Farley facts and a pocket full of jasmine. Steve recommends Tulsa King to Buzz. Virginia worries about her ailing players. Dag caught a trailer for Elizabeth Banks’ upcoming film, Cocaine Bear.

About This Episode

Buzz needs to clean up his television mess; the shows are starting to pile up and he has no recollection of why they’re in his queue and how much it’s costing him each month. Speaking of TV, Steve was convinced that Dag recommended Peaky Blinders to him, but Dag’’s never seen the show. Brendan, as ever, is Chicago’s Goodwill Ambassador. He recently cleared some space at the Dearborn Bar so that a family of out of towners could sit together. He also learned that people carry their own jasmine essence to add to water. Would Sam Elliott drink jasmine water? Would a bear do cocaine, for that matter?

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