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Creamy Nashville Chicken

A welcome pizza will be acquired for Bonnie’s first night in Florida. Steve fell asleep at a reasonable hour. Corinne Heggie sent Janet athletic gear from The Gap. Hi-Chew ads make an impression at Wrigley Field. Garth tells us all he knows about merch.

About This Episode

Brendan went to the Cubs game last night and he approves of the new rules in baseball. What he struggled with, however, was a between-inning candy commercial that played over the loudspeakers at a deafening volume. The high pitched voice of the announcer sent him running for a beer. Kid Rock brought a new kind of attitude to Nashville and Garth Brooks isn’t quite sure what to make of it; he’s kept in the dark on a lot of matters. Or is he? Oh, and it's a Talk to Me Tuesday.

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