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Descending Into Floridiocy

A caller wonders what became of Steve and Garry regulars The Elmhurst Stud and The Des Plaines Surfer. Steve tries to contact Pat Dahl. Simon Cowell gave Carrie Underwood grief about her third nipple. The Genius of 1990s Girls is available in paperback!

About This Episode

Steve wants to call Pat Dahl, but it proves to be technically out of his reach. There's also the matter of an edited file from yesterday's show. Brendan summons The Whippoorwill, who’s an eager participant in the show. There’s also a visit from Bono, fresh from a pre-lit spontaneous performance in Ukraine. We run through the entire bank of phone calls on this Talk To Me Tuesday, and in the process, answer the question: whatever happened to Brendan’s Affy Tapple?

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