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Dog Food Dealers

Lawrence Welk offers comfort to Steve and Dag. The recycling truck arrived early complete with backup beeps. Steve and Janet finished 1883. Brendan and Hank acquired tasty vittles, via Facebook Marketplace. Dag kissed his “FoFo” goodbye at the junkyard.

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Today’s breakfast menu features a big slice of American Pie for your enjoyment. While you’re enjoying that, offer your dog some suspiciously acquired expensive dog food. Brendan has done that for Hank, via a Facebook (not Meta) Marketplace meet-up. Steve and Dag find themselves being oddly comforted by reruns of The Lawrence Welk Show, though not in particularly large doses. A homeless male model starts grinding his beans at a Florida Starbucks. It’s also a Talk To Me Tuesday, and we hear what’s on your mind.

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