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Drips of Jupiter

Five planets: Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Uranus and Mars will align in the sky, visible from any location on Earth. Dag upgraded to iPhone 14, but misses the home button. Mike Mascow joins us for a live unboxing of Roast 2 Order Special Bold coffee beans.

About This Episode

Artificial Intelligence delivers our morning weather report, and things look clear for Steve’s planned round of honest golf this afternoon. Brendan wonders if there’s a nocturnal ghost changing his thermostat settings while he sleeps. We’re all advised to look to the sky at local sunset tonight, as five planets will be aligning. Mike Mascow from Roast 2 Order joins us for a lively call, where we pepper him with coffee questions. Speaking of coffee, someone compliments Brendan on his drip. Plus, it’s another Talk To Me Tuesday!

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