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Eels in the Anus

A naked Boston woman on a golf cart disrupts Florida deputies at a crime scene. Steve doesn’t care who will be the next host of Jeopardy. Roger Dahl had connections for Midwest foods in California. Aussie Pies don’t seem like they’d be up Steve’s alley.

About This Episode

The nation’s stockpile of Floridiots doesn’t seem like it will run dry anytime soon. Today we share a couple of stories, and there’s some nudity, if you can believe that. Should the Florida police consider Special Nude Forces? We also try to get our heads around the hubbub over Jeopardy hosts, which leads us to learning more about Attachment Parenting. Brendan tracks down some local Australian pies (Steve and Dag are interested), and we hear of a disturbing new (and seemingly ineffective) use for eels. Happy Friday, everyone!

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