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FL Frost Warning

Turns out Steve is missing an ACL and MCL. Joe watched a Harry Nilsson documentary. Steve partied with him and passed out in the shower. Dolphins are known to have orgies. Our Subscriber of the Day made Steve’s life simpler with an airline seat warning.

About This Episode

Steve gets a starting bit of news at physical therapy, when he finds out what his knee is lacking. It’s a big day for Joe, as Steve grants him all access to the podcast recording link, with the understanding that Joe won’t abuse the privilege. Will Scottie Pippen’s whiskey take flight? Did Steve make Chicago a considerably hipper place to be? Where are the last remnants of radio stunts to be found these days? Have you ever purchased a stuffed snowman from a Florida Target? Join us on today’s DahlCast, as we answer these questions and more.

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