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Floridiots 2021 (Ep.1)

Dag and Brendan have landed in Ft. Myers after an early morning flight. Steve awaited their arrival in baggage claim. O’Hare is fraught with anxiety when you’re running late or in the bus lane. Please do not hit Steve’s car, Mr. Bus Driver. Or his wife.

About This Episode

A sleepy Brendan and Dag have arrived in Florida without incident, though Dag unwisely tried to get full-size liquids (including his beloved apricot facial scrub) through in his carry-on. He was forced to surrender them to the TSA. The boys went right to work on today’s podcast and have their already dinner plans made too.They’re returning to the spot with the hyper waiter. They’re also trying not to ruin their appetites with a snack of Cheez-Its and green olives.

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