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Fluffy Meatballs

Steve cannot fathom a world without air conditioning. Brendan catches wind of a fluffy meatball recipe. Naked women cause havoc in pools and parking lots. Steve doesn’t feel he hauls enough to drive a pickup. Steve worries about sweat stains on his hat.

About This Episode

What’s your car wash routine? This might be the weekend to get it done. In fact, we’ve got all sorts of weekend ideas on this jam packed Friday DahlCast. A bar discussion (Brendan’s been spending some time at his local) yields an incredible and heretofore unknown (to us) life hack regarding the preparation of meatballs. The secret ingredient might even help you remove salt stains from a beloved cap. There’s some great stuff in the news, too: in-vehicle fun for one; a sexy moonlight swim; and an old man finding a decade’s worth relief at the expense of his neighbor’s lawn. Your great weekend starts here!

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