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From Soup to Ignaz

Joe explains the how the pandemic continues to affect the bicycle industry. Steve wants to buy a Stingray. Costco doesn’t quite make Steve’s enemy list. A listener frozen pizza recommendation lacks a key detail. Dag and Brendan are veggie grill masters.

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Brendan says it definitively: Astrology is hogwash. What a Capricorny thing to say! Steve is suspicious of shopping at Costco, and doesn’t think it’s worth the money. Brendan is still in the market for a new TV and is considering adding a fourth unit to his expanding warehouse of TV sets. With Joe on the show today, talk turns to old Schwinn bikes. We even track down the original Ignaz Schwinn himself. Are green peppers the new bread bowls? They are at Brendan’s house. Steve’s got a screw loose in his head, not to mention a waggling dental implant.

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