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Hamburger Vegetable Soup

Grandpa Steve helped Emmett affix his catcher’s gear. Dag received very sad news about the passing of his cousin Tina. Tom Thayer ate soup 4 times last week and enjoyed every bowl. Hamburger Vegetable soup is Big Rick’s new favorite at Thayer Bros Deli.

About This Episode

Brendan sings the praises of Chicago’s vaunted Tamale Guy, but Steve remains dubious about eating food prepared in a home kitchen that may or may not be up to code. Tom Thayer has been on a soup binge as of late, and is looking into doggie day care for his pack. Steve attended Emmett’s Championship baseball game, and found Mike dealing with some stressful situations. Steve helped Emmett with his shin guards. More details about the SodCast emerge. Dag thanks listeners for their thoughtfulness during his cousin Tina’s battle with cancer, a battle which sadly came to an end this morning.

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