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Headlong Into 2023

Tom Thayer reacts to the frightening collapse of Buffalo Bills safety Damar Hamlin during Monday Night Football. Grandpa Steve is rebuffed in his attempt to help Cameron bake Christmas cookies. The Meta Quest VR headset left Steve slightly disoriented.

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Welcome back, everyone and Happy New Year! We kick off 2023 with a brief wrap-up of our holiday activities. Tom Thayer joins us on the phone to discuss the drama of last night’s football game. He also shares news of a burst water pipe. Steve is a virtual monkey on an online video game, where he’s subjected to taunts from other players. Would Dag be a cool billionaire? Possibly. Then when it comes to playing the show open, we realize that neither Steve nor Dag gave it a single thought. Oops! We’ll get back up to speed as we ease our way back into the work week.

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