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How Do You Sleep?

Steve and Janet went to bed early after babysitting James and Margaret Dahl. Moving day was stressful for Mike and Kathryn. Dag got the Cheddar Char Dog at Wiener’s Circle. The insulting banter felt a touch forced. Steve wrings the life out of an Oreo.

About This Episode

A recent trip to Wiener’s Circle leaves Dag feeling like the whole abusive banter thing is a little played out and perfunctory. Steve and Brendan wonder whether it’s the influence of "Big Insult". Mike Dahl is trying to calm his nerves as he moves his family into their new home. He was up all night, wondering if he’s moved too close to the train tracks, and what the home’s resale value might be in thirty years. The calming, wise words of Grandpa Steve (freelance whipped cream dealer) failed to help out. Janet joins us to keep Beatles Week (Month?) alive, and we learn some startling facts about Kip Adotta. 

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