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I’m Oil… I Said

Steve considers himself a soft drink sommelier. He thinks Dr. Pepper needs a new creative team for their commercials. Steve listened to Neil Diamond Live in Las Vegas. The nurse on Fargo led Steve to a Keira Knightley film with Greg Kinnear as Bob Hope.

About This Episode

Steve is a soft drink sommelier, and loves his Dr. Pepper, but not their latest batch of commercials with tiny, Prince-like Justin Guarini. If we are the door and Neil Diamond is the oil, what exactly does that mean? Look, we know Bon Jovi does a ton of good work, but we still have to tease him. Today, he and Dag finally confront each other. Brendan explodes the Spinach Myth to a cantankerous Popeye, but Steve receives overdue vindication for his habit of eating the entire apple. Mustard or Ketchup: what’s on *your* egg sandwich?

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