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Let Snoring Dogs Lie

Steve associates Alka-Seltzer with original mascot Speedy. Janet made a complete bacon and eggs breakfast for her guests. Tom Thayer’s dog Ernie has his own authentic Chicago Bears jersey. Brendan’s trip to Sullivan’s Island was majestic and fun-filled.

About This Episode

Is there a bug (not an insect) in the Dahl house? Janet’s feeling a little low, but she staggers to the laundry pile in her delirious state. Steve strikes ups friendship with a lady at the driving range after discovering they’re both practicing their putting with green balls. Both Tom Thayer and Dag love the sounds of dogs snoring, and often shoot video when it happens. Brendan’s weekend was even more idyllic than he’d hoped for. It was a series of mansions, drinks and music among the McBride clan. Perhaps he’s found a place to base his next novel from.

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