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Maui Surf Report

Steve follows a shepherd and his obedient dogs on TikTok. The high surf advisory on Maui has Tom Thayer excited to grab his board. Steve likes what he sees so far from Ryan Poles. Tom gives his review of the Kurt Warner movie he watched on the airplane.

About This Episode

Steve Dahl, Champion of Humanity, welcomes you to today’s podcast. Brendan and Dag, surrounded by rainy weather, live vicariously through Tom Thayer’s glowing weather report from Hawaii, where he’s just about to head out into the surf. There’s the yearly post-draft hopeful optimism about the upcoming Bears season, especially with some key new management in place. Fingers and legs are are crossed. Steve is preparing to golf today and he’s hoping he’ll be alone. Maybe he’ll be paired with another golf outsider of equal or lesser skill.

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