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Nagy’s Faulty Headset

Steve thoroughly enjoyed his birthday outing in Shelbyville with Janet, Matt and Justine. Tom Thayer won’t excuse mental mistakes at this stage of the football season. Walter Payton wore Roos and young Steve had baseball cleats made of kangaroo leather.

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We’re fascinated with Carrot Top and how jacked (not to mention insanely popular) he is. It’s the anniversary of JFK’s death, and Steve shares a spookily prescient story about RFK’s death. We check in with a frustrated (to put it mildly) Tom Thayer, who envisions the ’85 Bears playing in a modern setting. The conclusion: it’d be ugly, for sure. Brendan played the role of Willie Gault in his grade school rendition of The Super Bowl Shuffle, even though he was dressed in a Payton jersey. Did Steve have shoes made from kangaroo leather?

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