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Pulp Friction

Steve’s morning orange juice wasn’t sweet. A Florida man shot his mom over an OJ dispute. Steve had a blast playing golf with Mike and Emmett. Emmett deemed it his “best day ever.” Phil Collins’ ex-wife says the drummer has morphed into a smelly hermit.

About This Episode

Steve starts his day with an orange juice disappointment, Dag walks back a theory about his home gasoline supply being raided, and Brendan has some concerns over Hank’s well-being. It turns out that Steve, Mike and Emmett were able to enjoy an afternoon playing golf. Brendan’s Mom needs help from both Brendan and Steve. There’s a Floridiot who seems to be exhibiting a pattern of lewd, nude behavior, and the guys try to guess her next move. How did Native Americans cook their chicken? And what on earth is going on inside Phil Collins’ enormous mansion?

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