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Season 1, Episode 6

Steve’s added some new microphones to the studio and they’re picking up the details of his breathing. He’s also involved in a bike versus Harley face-off on untamed Ogden Avenue. Tom Thayer talks training camp and Steve fills him in on Disco Demolition.

About This Episode

Janet and family are paying special attention to Steve’s breathing, and while they’re (probably) happy that he is still doing so, it does create some sonic annoyances. Could it be the new microphones they’re using, or is it based on Steve’s posture? A biking Steve attempts to manage a traffic situation on Ogden Avenue. Brendan coins an expressive new term for rogue, dangerous urban bikers. A rising star in the Oberweis organization offers Steve a free sample of ice cream, as he shops for supplies for a homemade strawberry shortcake. Tom Thayer checks in to talk about Bears training camp, and the Hall of Fame game, while Steve fills him in on how the events unfolded on the night of Disco Demolition.

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