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Sexy Mac & Cheese

Steve is unsure about the plural of dominatrix. Kristin Cavallari kisses a comedian in Fulton Market. Steve pointed out a hot deal on a Prime Day Roomba deal, but the Joliats were already aware. A mischievous ad agency leads Kraft Mac And Cheese astray.

About This Episode

Steve gets voiceover lessons from an experienced Brendan, leading to a smoother delivery of a skanky story from an after-hours Louisiana sex party/film/set/altar. K-Cav is kissin’ in Chicago and Brendan is spinnin’ in Chicago, not to mention receivin’ a free, but perhaps flawed TV set. The guys share some Florida memories. There’s a Noodle Day? Apparently so, and there’s also a controversy surrounding it, thanks to a smug ad agency. Steve's Prime Day Roomba recommendation to Janet's brother is embarrassing. He didn't know all of the details.

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