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Sidewalks And Flu Shots

Dag experiences connectivity issues. Steve guides him to a hotspot. Janet wants to order the Travis Scott meal at McDonald’s. It’s lit. The Keebler Tree is a goner, but a sidewalk debate rages on in Western Springs. Have you ever heard of a quesabirria?

About This Episode

Steve troubleshoots an internet problem for Dag, enabling the show to go on. Janet answers questions from cub reporter Brendan regarding assorted hassles and feuds in Western Springs, including some disagreements over sidewalks. We also discover that Steve and Dag are the last two people on earth who have heard of Travis Scott and his McDonald's meal. If you’re not hungry for McDonalds, then try a quesabirria, if you can find one. Flu shots, Ask Janet email and much more on today’s DahlCast!

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