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Stripped Tease

Dag’s dog cracked a tooth and Steve’s dental screw is stripped. Steve had halibut with Lee Abrams in Burr Ridge. The fallen tree was removed, opening a window to the neighbors’ yards. What’s inside a 16-inch softball? We search YouTube for some answers.

About This Episode

Steve has dinner with an important figure in his career, someone to he owes a considerable amount of his success, but he conveniently has forgotten to bring his wallet to dinner. Next time! Brendan’s softball team is playing deep into the season, but a rainout spares his fingers from possible injury. Steve’s tooth has been tightened and his felled tree has been chopped up and removed (the better to see his neighbor’s parties). We take listener phone calls, read emails, and learn that a certain listener is still angling for a burrito. Is Steve getting scammed on internet usage? Dag enjoys a scenic dog walk, while one of his dogs undergoes a big surgery.

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