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The Missing FL Keys

Today’s program features a Florida keys mystery that has nothing to do with the islands. Where is the spare set of car keys? Janet describes the windmills of Indiana as striking yet dystopian. A John Mellencamp mural is drawing tourists off the highway.

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A set of keys has gone missing in Florida and Steve really feels that’s not something he would allow to happen. Has Matt’s generous restocking of the refrigerator offered a clue to this mystery? What’s John Cougar Mellencamp been up to? For the better part of a year, he’s been thirty feet tall and overlooking his home (small) town of Seymour, Indiana. Brendan tracks down the backstory behind Jack and Diane. Is Dag writing a musical without Steve? Janet joins us and takes a Covid test on the air, ending today’s DahlCast with a decidedly cliffhanger feel.

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