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The Needle and the Damage Done

Buzz needed to deadlift 220 lbs. like he needed a needle in the eye. He’s got a book forthcoming, with a foreword by Svengoolie. Virginia finally found her franchise QB. David Hochberg strolls down Hubbard for a seafood salad lunch at Shaw’s Crab House.

About This Episode

Buzz has written a book, inspired by an offhanded quip he made on the radio a long time ago. He also tells us why he couldn’t finish Brendan’s debut novel. Then hold on tight for an eye story he tells us, related to Buzz's book (it's complicated). We talk with David Hochberg, the voice of calm in an otherwise troubled economic landscape. David also shares memories of his friend and radio co-host, Joe Hogel, otherwise known as Mega Pros Joe. Did you know that the legendary Billy Goat Tavern has been in a state of bun flux for the past couple of years? We get to the meat of the story on today’s podcast, complete with our own dramatization.

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