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The Vinyl Countdown

A shortage in the world’s vinyl supply, which Adele has a hand in, force Sunshine Boys to go digital. Dag recommends an app called Singer’s Friend. Brendan lost 5 pounds of potatoes and 3 pounds of onions. Rosie is trepidatious about the impending trip.

About This Episode

It’s a veritable Foodie Friday (remember those, radio listeners?) on today’s DahlCast. We reminisce about our favorite childhood sandwiches, while also learning a little bit about the Maid-Rite loose meat sandwich. Dag’s had them, and loves them. Steve’s still working through his Cheez-Its, as he and Janet are preparing for their drive to Florida this weekend. Speaking of road trips; Brendan is heading to Ledo’s for pizza on Saturday. Shouldn’t he be headed back to Pete’s for his lost potatoes and pearl onions, though? Also, we check out a recent TV appearance by Joe Walsh.

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