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Tiny Speakers

Matt called the house with a washing machine question. Steve knows zero about laundry, so he passed the phone to Janet. Tom Thayer helps us deal with our feelings concerning the Bears’ playoff loss to the Saints. Brendan used his headphones as speakers.

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Steve answers the landline and it’s Matt Dahl with a laundry question and an admonishment. Also this weekend, Steve very narrowly avoids a troublesome run-in with an old nemesis: a lemon meringue pie. Tom Thayer, that early riser, joins us for his third explanation of the Bears' loss of the day. It’s disappointment all around, as you’d imagine. He does share some behind the scenes observations about his broadcast partner. Dag shoots a coffee video over the weekend, and Brendan makes a groundbreaking sonic discovery: headphones can be used as a set of tiny speakers.

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