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Too Many Pockets

Everyone is excited to hear about Steve’s round at Medinah. He wore long pants and his dad’s Dodgers hat. Steve didn’t miss the extra cargo pockets. He had such a wonderful time he even hit the 19th hole for a Coke, buffalo cauliflower and cheese curds.

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Steve’s golf afternoon at the mighty Medinah Country Club turned out to be enjoyable in every possible way. The day began with a high-end taco bar experience and ended with two cleaned pairs of shoes (and a compliment from a pro on Steve's golf shoes). There was even competitive play and monies won on the course. Sadly, the day did not end with Steve picking up an application for membership, but he'd love to go back, now that he's survived a day of golf without cargo shorts. Brendan is still processing the notion of the Bears abandoning the city. We get ready to welcome a new Toby Keith album into the world.

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