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Too Much TikTalk

Dag is a guitarist, Steve is a guitar player. Tom Thayer is recovering well from a hip replacement. Idiot sports fans are wilding, throwing popcorn and water bottles. Steve fell but landed safely on his butt. Violet Dahl stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.

About This Episode

Today we lay it on the line, just like Triumph. We’re happy to report that Tom Thayer is back on is feet after a successful hip replacement. There’s some talk of his old Vitamin D-fortified hip bone being incorporated into a batch of soup. Modern sports fans seem to be crossing the lines when it comes to interacting with players. Steve digs deeper into Tik Tok and seems to be targeted for golf tip videos and a certain song that inspires elaborate dancing in rich girls. Polish up your femur and join us on today’s DahlCast!

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