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Totally Wired Wednesday

Dr. Keith Sklar and Steve’s cart buddy Jeff stop by the Bonita Springs condo. Dag composes a high-energy theme song for the Ask Dr. Keith segment. Steve ordered too many replacement doors. An avocado causes an eye injury in a Florida romance gone wrong.

About This Episode

It’s a show that’s jammed with guests today. Not only does Joe Gaspar join us, but Steve hosts Dr. Keith Sklar from Foot First Podiatry in his kitchen, for a rollicking conversation. Keith has brought along his friend Jeff, who helped Steve get his golf game on track with some helpful cart talk. Keith is treated to his own disco-infused theme song before settling in to answer some listener questions. He also confirms that Steve has risen to a new level on the golf course, and that his invitation to golf again was sincere. In other Florida news, a young hellcat beans her sugar daddy with an avocado and is issued with felony charges.

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