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Turtle Crossing

Steve saved a turtle from the middle of the road. Tom Thayer is off to surf for two hours minimum today. Dag purchased a Memory Foam mattress and Steve used his new stove to toast cheese bread. The engine failed and fell apart during a flight to Hawaii.

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Good Samaritan Steve helps a turtle cross the road, and the turtle, while shocked to be lifted into the air, seemed grateful. Steve christened his new stove with some delightful cheese bread. It’s been another weekend of expenses for Dag, some good (the “doghouse” mattress), and some bad (broken dryer), and after two weeks, he still doesn’t have his car back. Tom Thayer talks surfing, plus a new Bears player of South African origin. Brendan enjoys a cultured afternoon of French Vanilla coffee and Beethoven on shuffle. We also welcome our first Subscriber Of The Day too.

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