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We’re Doomed

Steve made the rounds on Friday, handling several errands in person. Tom Thayer is getting prepped for training camp. Steve labored through an overwhelming shopping experience at Sam’s Club. Steve smoked a marvelous pork shoulder on his Weber SmokeFire.

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It’s Monday again, and despite the fact that the planet is doomed, the guys all had good weekends. Dag had an excellent gig in a new spot, Brendan made a hard decision on his composting lifestyle, and Steve at last smoked a pork shoulder on his new Weber SmokeFire. It took a four-hour shopping (and un-shopping, then re-shopping) trip to Sam’s Club, but he got it done. We check in with Tom Thayer, who shares a good story of Bears porta-potty hijinks. Steve entertained Janet’s posse of friends at a local restaurant. A Florida man wanted to teach an alligator a lesson, for some reason. Did we mention the planet is doomed? Have a good Monday!

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