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Wet Hot Tube

Steve wonders if he had a shot at getting kicked out of Van Halen as a young bass player. Steve dozed off during a British crime show. Dag refinanced with David Hochberg. Steve left a food stain on the den carpet. Janet stayed up late to scrub it clean

About This Episode

Steve wonders that if things went a little differently back in California, he might have been taken to the Jack in the Box after a Yes concert and gotten kicked out of Van Halen. We lament the sad state of radio. It’s Ask Janet Thursday and Dag (Sgt.) peppers her with questions about seeing The Beatles’ debut on The Ed Sullivan Show. Steve is graciously overseeing Janet’s work on a carpet stain she’s scrubbing. We talk bedazzling, garage parties, Halloween reimagined, hot tubing [sic] and more on today’s DahlCast.

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