Cargo Clutch

Steve will be a guest at Medinah today, but he’s stunned to learn cargo pants aren’t permitted. The guest rules are extensive and they’re stressing Steve out. John Salat refereed Henry Dahl’s most recent football game. He joins us on the phone to recap.

About This Episode

It’s an early rising Talk To Me Tuesday, as Steve prepares for a round of golf at the legendary (ranked 34th in the country!) Medinah Country Club. But in researching the extensive rules of the club, Brendan happens upon a piece of information that threatens to derail Steve before he even arrives. It involves pants. We also chat with former radio show courtroom correspondent and current head referee for Henry Dahl’s football game last Sunday, Steve’s friend John Salat. This a free episode of the daily Steve Dahl Podcast. If you’d like to subscribe, please go to
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