Better Call Bob Odenkirk

Bob Odenkirk is in New Mexico shooting the final season of Better Call Saul. He’s on the phone to talk about his hit flick Nobody. It was a joy to film the action scenes. The 3-0 Yerminator controversy brings out the best in the White Sox postgame show

About This Episode

This a free episode of the daily Steve Dahl Podcast. If you’d like to subscribe, please go to Bob Odenkirk was out on a bike ride and got a tremendous idea for a movie. Two and a half years (and a lot of training) later, Nobody hit the theaters. We saw it and loved it. Bob is on hand from New Mexico to talk with us about it, among many other things. He guarantees that the series ending of Better Call Saul is going to blow our minds. Kai Juhlin delivers coffee to the Dahl house and ends up joining us on the show. Steve and Brendan are on Team Ozzie, and can’t get enough of the White Sox post game show.
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