Mom’s Got My Nuts! (Florida)

Steve and a portion of the family got trapped in the elevator for fifteen minutes. Janet and Mike came to the rescue. A boatload of peanuts were consumed aboard a sunset cruise. Brendan got bullied on TikTok. An intruder showered at Johnny Depp’s house.

About This Episode

Steve, Janet and the family take a sunset cruise but there’s an unsettling pair of peanut people hogging the large table. The FL condo elevator experiences difficulty during a packed ride, and so it’s Janet and Mike Dahl to the rescue. Brendan gets bullied by a 15-year-old on TikTok, and he spends a few wounded days working through his emotions. Both Steve and Johnny Depp are surprised by intruders; Steve handles his situation with a broom and a box. Grandson James (Jimmy) Dahl makes his first appearance on the podcast. We put out a daily 90-minute podcast, and we’d like you to be a member of our podcast family. Details are available at
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