Pat Dahl Tells All

Pat Dahl confirms he had no prior knowledge of the notorious drizzled aioli. Charlie Dahl wanted a Sonic the Hedgehog watch so desperately he let an F-bomb fly. Grandpa refused to grant Violet’s request to join her grandparents on a voyage to Walgreens.

About This Episode

Heading into his final day at the condo, we are treated to a show-length visit from Pat Dahl. He’s set to join some friends for an extended spring break, and they’ve got plenty of steaks and canned tequila drinks. Pat shared a batch of stories with his grandkids at dinner on Tuesday (Taco Tuesday) that fill in some of the details about grandpa Steve’s notoriety. We also learn an interesting element of biological warfare that Steve added to a fight with Matt Dahl back in the day. There’s more, including Charlie Dahl, a lot more about Pickleball, and a watch spinner, courtesy of Pat. 
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