The $17,000 Guitar

Steve experienced a contentious purchased item return at Guitar Center. The employees flaunted the inventory of seventeen thousand dollar guitars. Flea couldn’t find a friendly public restroom. Nelson Velazquez hit a grand slam that rocked Wrigleyville.

About This Episode

Steve goes to Guitar Center to return a faulty item and encounters some pushback from the tattooed employees. The event, while ultimately settled, spoils plans for a proposed cheeseburger dinner. The legendary bassist Flea has a tummy emergency, and the very same Target employees that fawned over him upon his arrival refuse to let him use the employee washroom. He pushes through a series of troubling events before relief arrives in the nick of time. Brendan sat in the bleachers for an unbelievable night at Wrigley Field. Dag poses the question: Would you give a foul ball or homerun you caught to kid?
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