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3 Day Brender

Steve purchased caffeine pills online as an emergency fallback in case the coffee pot is not refilled. A Plainfield couple is winning Halloween with a Stranger Things display, but not all the neighbors are happy. Virginia helps Floos reprimand the team.

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Virginia joins us to commemorate last Sunday’s lazy effort by the Chicago Bears. Not much to laugh about as far as the game goes, but we of course always enjoy her company. Steve was actively outdoorsy as a feral younger person, but marriage and work made a domesticated cat out of him. A Plainfield couple enjoys their 15 minutes of fame with a Stranger Things inspired Halloween levitation decoration, but what do their cul de sac neighbors think? Steve has an unopened bottle of caffeine pills, Dag enjoy Icelandic yogurt, and Brendan mounts an unsuccessful bid to get Monday off from work

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