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A Novel Idea

Dag’s FoFo is no more. The mechanic assured him his car was beyond repair. Callers help Steve zero in on suburban music venue Haymakers’ true location. The carpet guy arrives to measure the stairs. Janet offers advice for Brendan, who publishes a novel.

About This Episode

It’s a day for big announcements on The DahlCast, and Brendan leads the way with one of the biggest bombshells ever: he’s written a novel! The Genius of 1990s Girls will drop digitally on Mar. 17 and is available for pre-order now on Amazon. We are all incredibly proud of Brendan and can’t wait to read it. Form those book clubs now, subscribers. In less awesome news, the prognosis for Dag’s beloved FoFo is not good. Janet returns to Florida and turns her attention towards the carpeting.

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