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Total Gashole Move

Steve was fueling up his car when the automatic pump shutoff malfunctioned. Gasoline sprayed all over the ground. Dag’s trusty FoFo is experiencing transmission issues. A landfill worker was killed when a bulldozer ran over the porta-potty he was using.

About This Episode

Steve has a gas issue while pumping at the go-juice station. Is it user error or is faulty equipment to blame? What are the odds of a refund on the spilled fuel? Dag and Mark Roberts have wrapped the audiobook sessions for The Lonely Banjo, but now Dag faces serious car woes as his beloved FoFo faces transmission problems. AAA proved frustrating, and there were no rentals available. Carvana didn’t work out either. Brendan has offered to help. Will the guys get a trip together for some Disney World fun?

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