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A Reverse Mortician

Steve embarrassed himself in front of the HVAC guy. Janet tried not to wake Steve up with her iPad. Steve feels good about using Roast2Order.shop and lessening his impact on the environment. Janet gives her take on Kim Cattrall vs. Sarah Jessica Parker.

About This Episode

Steve, after having pointed out that he’s the only one that knows everything about the Dahl home’s intricate network of internal systems, gets schooled by an HVAC guy. We also take deep dives into joint-rolling, finger licking and LED light bulbs. We relive the drama of Sex and the City, with a detailed look at the timeline of the SJP/KC feud. How did Steve end up on the bedroom floor? Why is he known as a Reverse Mortician? And what did Marlon Brando wield in Last Tango, butter or margarine?

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