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A Taste of Honey

Steve still hasn’t found the honey and fears there may not be any honey in the house for his biscuits. Vancouver’s Rick Honey is our 1970’s aircheck DJ for this week. Shark flipping is an underwater trend Steve wants zero part of during scuba adventures.

About This Episode

Life Hack: the best way to mellow out a shark is to flip it over. We, of course, wish you the best of luck with that. Also on today’s nature friendly show; methods of hypnotizing roosters. Food factors into the DahlCast today, as we search for missing honey, talk about a fracas at a Florida chicken restaurant, the use of Mountain Dew to clean up a crime scene, a fire at Bobby’s Burritos, and cookies for jokes. Oh, and speaking of honey, our aircheck of the week features the late Canadian DJ, Rick Honey.

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