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Leaf scorch isn’t caused by watering in direct sunlight. Steve was told this common gardening myth as a lad. Guns N’ Roses plays Wrigley Field on the sweltering night. Expo ’76 and The Total Pro Horns are rocking at the Kenilworth Assembly Hall tonight.

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With Janet in Detroit, Steve once again realizes all she accomplishes around the house on a daily basis. He recalls an admonishment from his father about watering plants when it’s too hot outside. Brendan attempts to confirm his father’s theory. Speaking of Brendan, he’s getting things in order for what promises to be an epic night of Guns ’N Roses at Wrigley Field. He’s got Tom Thayer’s Italian beef recipe in the crockpot, but what shirt will he wear? Dag is cooling out in his air conditioned attic studio space, while readying himself for three nights of gigs in a row.

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