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AFTRA the Ball is Over

Steve tasted the greatest orange juice of his life at Seed to Table. Janet shopped the fancy soaps. Dag stopped at Raising Cane’s to try the ballyhooed chicken fingers. Tom Thayer isn’t certain what Aaron Rodgers was seeking during his darkness retreat.

About This Episode

Steve and Janet get their minds blown at a gigantic, all-in-one market in Florida, and they bring home some transcendently delicious orange juice. Brendan takes advantage of the delightful weekend weather, and has a happy stroll that results in the purchase of some ham. Dag’s weekend includes a chainsaw, gym membership and Raising Cane’s chicken. There’s also talk of adding a fourth dog to their household pack. Tom Thayer is about as interested in attending the combine as he was in climbing the rope in high school gym class.

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