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Guitar Center Is Closing

Steve visited his new Florida Guitar Center. He restrung his guitar and practiced for three hours. Steve got too large a bucket of balls at his driving range, now under new ownership. Multiple emails from listeners named Pat Murphy signal March is near.

About This Episode

It’s a new era for Florida Steve, as he makes his first visit to the nearby Guitar Center. Not only did he stick to his shopping list (just strings and picks), but he spoke in a cool, fellow musician type of way to the guy who rang up his sale. Also, Steve’s favorite driving range is under new ownership, and things are looking up (at least the foul smells are gone). We find out how zombie fungus works on an ant, and ponder the likelihood of humans becoming actual zombies, like the kind you see on television. We hear from a number of Pat Murphys during our Talk To Me Tuesday phone segment. Steve and Janet are handsomely rewarded for their recent lifesaving.

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