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Amber’s Alleged DEPPosit

Steve put the finishing touches on the sign up site for the Dahlcast golf outing. Today’s Wordle messed with Steve’s head. Janet and Dag also had problems solving the puzzle. Jack White musical performance on Colbert was far too noisy for Janet’s taste.

About This Episode

Brendan is still on the hunt for an apartment and he hopes to find one near all the walkable nightlife options that make Chicago so great. Is the Mike Dahl family really moving in with Steve and Janet? Mike seems to be laying out a long term plan. Johnny Depp is on trial, and his acting chops seem to be as strong as ever. This Is Us is nearing it's finale, and it’s a poignant show for Steve and Janet. They will miss it. On the music scene: Jack White is too loud for late night TV, and Coachella fashion is constantly changing.

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