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Bleppin’s New PotCast

Florida celebrates Earth Day. The doughnut debate rages in Clarendon Hills. Former Dahlcast administrator Don Kleppin launches a new podcast called Cannabis Man. Chem de la Chem is currently his most unattainable strain. John Hinckley has a side hustle.

About This Episode

Happy Earth Day, everyone! Brendan helps plan Steve and Janet’s weekend by tracking down some earth-friendly events that are only a long, air-polluting car ride away. Meanwhile back at home there’s a donut controversy that’s running wild in the streets of Clarendon Hills. We’ve also got a great list of restaurants that give you free stuff on your birthday in exchange for a little information. We go deep into a former work associate’s podcast, and top it all off with some country music from a failed loverboy/assassin.

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